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Erasmus+ FESTECH Project

After our 1st mobility in Alytus, Lithuania, (April 2019) we are really thrilled to say that our students really enjoyed their time and gained a lot of educative, fruitful and lifelong experiences. Before our 1st Mobility, our school’s Erasmus+ Team worked hard by collecting information and preparing their presentations to let the other teams from Romania, Lithuania and Greece know about their country, Cyprus and their school, Terra Santa College while they were in Alytus. Now everybody knows some things about Cyprus!! After their return to Cyprus, they shared those unforgettable experiences and disseminated their feelings and thoughts to their classmates and other students of the school to urge them in participating in our next mobility in Greece! We are excited to announce that the second Terra Santa Erasmus+ Team is already made up of six new students and they are all ready to participate in the 2nd mobility of our Erasmus+ Project, FESTECH, in Thessaloniki in November!! Please visit our FESTECH website for more info by clicking on the link:

Also, click on the following link to read our article published in INBUSINESSNEWS MAGAZINE Digital Edition ( ) and on the link ( ) to read our article published in BRIEF Digital Edition to have insight regarding our students’ experiences.

Stay tuned, everybody!

Have a great new school year!!

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